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Awarded the World’s Best Rum in 2019, our Premium Organic Silver Rum is lovingly handcrafted in small batches from Black Pearl Molasses. After a double distillation, it goes into one of our award winning freshly dumped bourbon barrels to increase the complexity and smoothness.

Our rum begins its journey in the fertile fields of Louisiana where local farmers grow, harvest and process the organic sugar cane used to make the dark molasses we use as the base for our silver rum. Once the dark molasses arrives at our distillery, we then get to work on the fermentation and distillation in our handmade copper pot still. The rum is then aged in our award winning used bourbon barrels to smooth it out and provide a unique toasted, delicate finish. Once we feel the complexity is there, we filter out the color so that we have a silver rum that is rich and smooth with a unique flavor perfect for any cocktail you can to create

Handcrafted Organic Silver Rum


100% Organic Blue Weber Agave


All Grown Sustainably using Organic Practices


Double Distilled on a Hand Made Copper Potstill


Certified Organic and Gluten Free


100% additive free


96 per 1.5 oz





Key Awards

Gold Cigar and Spirits World Competition

Sip Back in Time with The Legendary Mojito

Dive into the refreshing depths of the Mojito, a cocktail with a history as rich as its flavor. Legend has it that the Mojito traces its roots back to Sir Francis Drake, whose quest for a golden led to the discovery of this timeless concoction. Made with rum, mint, lime, sugar, and soda, the Mojito is a testament to the spirit of adventure and the zest of life.

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