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What most people don’t realize about the creation of gin, is the base spirit you select has a large influence on the final product. Just like a Master painter, when a master distiller decides to create their next work of art, they need the right canvas or in our case, the right base spirit to work with.

We knew we wanted to create a true masterpiece, something that was absolutely delicious, approachable and unique. Unlike any other gin in the world, ours starts with sustainably grown non-GMO, USDA Organic spelt which is grown within 75 miles of the distillery. Our family oversees the entire process from start to finish. Once the grain arrives at the distillery we carefully craft our spirit. Only then do we add our five carefully selected botanicals of juniper, bergamot, coriander, anise and lime to deliver a smooth and complex taste with a perfect balance of tantalizing flavor.

Premium Organic Gin

A floral nose with a hint of citrus. Smooth, crisp and light
with a clean middle and fresh finish.


100% Organic Spelt and Soft Red Winter Wheat


Juniper, coriander, bergamot, anise and lime


All grown sustainably using organic practices within 75 miles of our distillery


Double distilled on a hand made copper potstill


Certified Organic and Non – GMO


100% additive free


80 Proof (40% ABV)


64 per 1.0 oz





Key Awards

Silver Medal San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Silver Medal Beverage Testing Institute – Chicago, IL

Elevate Your Summer with “The Garden Gin & Tonic"

Transform your gin and tonic from ordinary to extraordinary with our Summer Garden Gin and Tonic. Muddled cucumber, fresh basil, and a twist of lime blend perfectly with our organic gin, creating a cocktail that's as vibrant as a summer garden. It's a refreshing upgrade your summer evenings deserve.

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